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Pug Garden Gnome


Do dogs really like their owners?

Abso-pugging-lutely! And our adorable Pug Garden Gnome it's the perfect puggin' example of this phenomenon! The eyes, the sweet derpy expression, there's no bones about it, these two were meant for each other!

  • Garden Gnome Riding a Pug
  • A fun twist on the classic garden gnome, this duo is sure to tickle your funny bone!
  • Made of durable poly cast resin, for indoor and outdoor use year-round
  • Place this classy mother pupper of a garden status wherever you please
  • A playful addition for the lawn, yard, garden, porch, or office
  • A totally pawsome gift for dog owners living the pug lives

Constructed of poly cast resin for outdoor or indoor use all year round. Measures approximately 11 inches tall. Our Garden Gnome Riding a Pug is a charming and kitschy gift for pug lovers. 

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