Gear up for an awesome day with our quirky collection of funny socks, coin purses, jewelry, totes, wallets, and more!  If you can't find a gift for your BFF or significant other here, it may be time to reevaluate your relationship.


Party Photo Prop Headbands

$6.99 $3.00

Our positively silly Party Photo Prop Headbands will keep your hands free to strike the ultimate selfie pose! This party-minded set is packed with a brilliant selection of party headbands. With a set of eight clip-on props you can accurately present your...

I Just Sh*t In The Woods Hand Sanitizer


The worst thing about camping or hiking is that sudden urge to drop a deuce.   So next time you poop in the woods, have our I Just Shit in The Woods Hand Sanitizer available for your cleaning and sanitizing needs.   Let's just say... crapping...

Swing Your Thing Men's Golf Socks


These Are Not About A Penis Golfing Socks​You know when they say the grass is always greener?  Well this is the other side they're talking about! Our Swing Your Thing Golf Men's Socks are a hole-in-one! Okay, that was too easy. Look, we know very...

British Accent Breath Spray


Exceptionally Polite Breath Thanks to our amazing Instant British Accent Breath Spray, having a British accent is as easy as making a cup of tea!  You'll instantly sound richer, smarter and even look more attractive!   This snap-acting formula...

Purrmaids Are Real Socks


What Do You Get When You Cross A Cat + A Mermaid?You don't need a wishing purrment for our Purrmaids Are Real Socks have confirmed what we thought was only a paws'ability! No kitten! While we understand the reason for naming a catfish a catfish,...

Jesus Bandages

$5.99 $3.00

Jesus Will Heal You and Your Boo Boo! Treat your minor cuts, scrapes and scratches with the incredible healing power of Jesus bandages. And if a Jesus bandage isn't enough to dry up your tears, how about a FREE TOY included in the tin! The Jesus Bandage...

Thou Hath Balls Socks


Funny Socks For Guys With BallsLion, Tigers and Bears?  Phhbt.  You got this and after you win the arm wrestling tournament, take them all out for a beer or something.  No one likes a sore winner. If you are, or know someone else that is,...

Hi. I Don't Care. Thanks. Socks


Really Couldn't Care Less Socks To be honest, our effortlessly cheerful and relentlessly candid Hi, I Don't Care, Thanks Socks simply don't give a damn if like them or not.  But you will. One could say that socks are just like women. They...