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Crystal Growing Kit


Breaking bad on the DIY scene is our new Amazing Crystal Garden!   A great project for the budding chemist or to spark an interest in crystals in anyone!   This kit contains special rocks...

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Healing Stones


Benefit from Healing Stones? Of Quartz! Nommmmmmm Ommmmmmmm... Sometimes chocolate is not the answer. (Relax, don't get all charged up, we said sometimes!)   At other times you may...

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Bag of Fool's Gold

$3.99 $2.00

We pity the fool who doesn't appreciate a Bag of Fool's Gold! (Mr. T voice) It's a golden opportunity to give kids a little booty in their stockings this year! Can you dig it? As the name (and...

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Box Of Break Your Own Geodes


Find The Hidden Crystals! Looking for a rockin' good time?  Don't take a moment for granite, our Break Your Own Geodes is sure to liven up the rainiest of days and the most humdrum of afternoons...

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