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Clarity Mini Selenite + Fluorite Crystal Gift Set


Dazed and Confused? This way, stoner... Brain fog? Having a hard time staying focused? (SQUIRREL!)  Our sanity-saving Clarity Mini Stone Pack will help you declutter your hoarder mind and get...

Love Mini Quartz Crystals Stone Pack


Send love and good vibes! It's true. All you need is love... and our Love Mini Stone Pack! This thoughtful gift comes with two crystals selected to help bring forth a desired element in life. In...

Healing Stones


Benefit from Healing Stones? Of Quartz! Nommmmmmm Ommmmmmmm... Sometimes chocolate is not the answer. (Relax, don't get all charged up, we said sometimes!)   At other times you may...

Chakra Crystals Stone Gift Pack


open ○ release ○ balance Feeling out of whack? Check out our Chakra Crystal Stone Pack!  Sounds like it's high time you chill out, recenter, and realign yourself with the universe. Lucky you!...

Discover Box: Crystals Stone Gift Pack


Life is like a box of crystals  Our fun and colorful Discover Box: Crystals Stone Gift Pack is a super cool way to introduce a curious soul to the awesome properties of crystals! Written for...