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Get a Grip Raven on Skull Halloween Necklace
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Get a Grip Raven on Skull Halloween Necklace

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Once upon a midnight dreary our ominous Get a Grip Raven on Skull Necklace came gently rapping, rapping on Perpetual Kid's door. 

Quoth the Raven, "Lame accessories, nevermore!"

This particular piece is for those old souls with a ravenous appetite for all things Halloween.

Featuring a grim, ungainly, ghastly, gaunt, and ominous bird of yore, it's perfectly fit for The Dark Half of your personality. This necklace couldn't B'more macabre! It's menacing appearance and mysterious vibe will keep your audience held captive. Its supernatural scene is set in black and white successfully creating the film noir theme your dark side desires.

We imagine this to be a ghastly grim and ancient raven perched upon the skull of Lenore. But it's cool, because he brought her a black rose, and well, that was just super thoughtful. Now if you want to hear a real gripping tale, settle in....

The raven from Poe's most famous work was based on a real bird - Charles Dickens's pet raven named Grip! (who knew Charlie and Poe Boy were bros!) Anyway, as the story goes, Poe was "intensely amused" with the bird's talkative and disagreeable nature, which inspired him to write "The Raven." Now, if you want to pay your respects, Grip is on display in the Free Library of Philadelphia's Rare Book Department. Road trip!

Now back to this necklace... You'd be stark raven mad not to give one as a gift to your favorite Poe boy or girl! Imagine wearing this creation during the Season of the Witch or spread your wings and wear it year round! Heck, if you've got it, haunt it!

Includes one necklace. The pendant is an ebony raven and white skull made of acrylic. There is a black rose dangling off the and black zinc alloy chain. Adjustable black chain measures approximately 23.5 inches long. Our Get a Grip Raven on Skull Necklace is creepin' it real.