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 Fruit Pool Beverage Floats
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Big Mouth Gettin' Fresh Fruit Pool Beverage Floats

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It's a hot. sunny, beautiful day and you're blissfully floating in the pool with a frosty frozen fruity adult beverage in hand, while jamming out to the Go-Go's Vacation when suddenly Ryan Reynolds floats by and politely asks if you'd like to make out, then you frantically realize that you have no place to put your drink! *wakes up screaming*
Your reoccurring nightmare can finally come to an end with our Gettin' Fresh Fruit Pool Beverage Boats.  It's no Ryan Reynolds in a banana hammock, but at least you won't be getting pool water in your beer!
How about you add some tropical flavor to the pool party, eh?  Oh yeah, and don't let your drink sink, because that stinks.  These beverage boats keep your standard size drink afloat with flair. Plus, with three styles, you will always know which drink is yours!
3-pack includes pineapple, lime, and watermelon.  Inflates fast, and is easy to clean.