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  • Giant Avocado Eraser + Sharpener
  • GIAGiant Avocado Eraser + Sharpener
  • Giant Avocado Eraser + Sharpener

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Giant Avocado Eraser + Sharpener


Making mistakes with our deliciously nutty Giant Avocado Eraser and Sharpener around... is anything put the pits!

Dat's write. Next time you make a grammatical error, don't go avo-control! Just back that Hass up.

So, make like an avo addict and pop this big green guy on your desk. He deals with pencil based mishaps like a dream and when your lead needs to get back on point, pop out the sharpener like you would an avocado stone.

The freshest of gifts, it's ripe for fun! It will gauc any avocado lover's world!  

Includes one giant eraser and pencil sharpener. Measures approximately 5.9 inches tall x 3.15 inches wide x 2.17 inches deep. Our Giant Avocado Eraser and Sharpener will give them something to taco bout!


Gift Ideas

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