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Giant Eyeball Pool Float

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What's the big eye-dea? Our Giant Eyeball Pool Float, that's what!

If you dare to look this massive 4 foot-wide floaty dead in the eye, you'll discover that the pupil features a comfy mesh seat so you can relax the day away! Just inflate and float, and leave the others rubbing their eyes and giggling! It just could not be any cornea. If they don't find it funny, you can enjoy rolling your eye(s) right back at them.

Dry eyes? Moistur-eyes with a dip in the pool! When it gets too hot to do anything, pop out of the A/C and have a lazy day on our Giant Eyeball Pool Float.  It's spectacular for the pool, ocean, lake, or river with the real world in your blind spot. It’s a great companion to our Giant Eyeball Beach Ball, too!

4 feet wide! Pupil is also comfy mesh seat.   It is a fun gift for pool owners, beach bums, oh, and the occasional eye doctor. Our Giant Eyeball Pool Float is easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate, and store.


Gift Ideas

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