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Giant Gumball Scented Stress Ball


Bubble Gum Scented!

Before you blow up over a stressful situation, or blow things out of proportion, grab a hold of our super satisfying Giant Gumball Scented Stress Ball! 

  • So soft, so smooth and scented like Bubblegum! 
  • Designed to look like an impressively large bubble
  • Squeeze it, stretch it and soothe your stress away!
  • Don't worry, this gumball won't stick to your hands!

The nostalgic scent will take you back to your Carefree days of childhood, and is sure to take you down a notch! Chews this gift for friends and family who can use a little at home therapy, and need to tap into their inner child.

Pink stress therapy ball. Measures approximately 5 inches in diameter. Our Giant Gumball Scented Stress Ball is a welcome addition to your home and office!

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