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Giant Gummy Cola Bottle

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Remember when the gummy craze started in the 80s, they just started popping up everywhere.  There was always the elusive cola gummy bottles that youd see rarely but had to get if you found them!...  Mostly for the awesome taste of gummified soda, but also to make your friends eyes pop out of their head with jealousy!  Well, hold the door because you can do it all over again with our Giant Gummy Cola Bottle!

This super-sized, iconic two-toned monstrosity of gummy cola is approximately the same size as a standard soda bottle.  It will fit firmly into your hand as you bit off the cap or the bottom of the bottle, depends on your preferred starting point!  We understand that some people might question why someone would want almost a pound of gummy cola, but they dont understand the sugar-crazed logic that we share.  

Did we mention that it tastes just like the ones you ate, that smooth cola and vanilla hitting your taste buds, when you saw the Goonies for the first time or maybe it was Top Gun?  This godzilla of gummy cola bottles will take you back to that first time, so fire up the television because were sure The Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink are playing on some obscure cable channel right now!  It comes in a resealable clam shell package so if you cant finish it in one sitting, you can save it for later.  We totally have your back!

Made in the USA!

120 times the size of a traditional gummy bottle.  Measures approx. 8 inches tall x 3 inches wide.  Flat back. Packs 1080 calories and 171 grams of sugar in each bottle!