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Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp

NOTE: We are not kidding when we say this is gigantic! Due to its size we are unable to ship it Internationally, Express shipping, Priority Mail, to APO addresses, or to our friends in Alaska and Hawaii. Ship separately. Not Returnable.

Just 150,000 Calories!

There are just few things in life that are as enjoyable as an ice cream cone!  What better way can you think of to brighten up the mood in your home or office than with a Giant Ice Cream Cone lamp!  Marvel your guests as they swoon around your Giant Ice Cream Cone Lamp in awe! 

Place it on a table, in a corner, or bedside and gently fall asleep to its warm glow as you sweetly enter dreamland.  Plastic has never looked so sweet!

Available in Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate.

Measures a whopping 26 inches tall x 11 inches in diameter.  Requires a 7 watt bulb.  Power cord included.  Please note: Due to an excessive amount of orders for use in a photo shoots and as party decorations before being returned after one time use, these are no longer returnable.

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