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Giant Pop Rocks Strawberry Fun Pack

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Product Information

If you're a fan of Pop Rocks, you understand that they are not simply a candy... they are an experience.

Now you can experience receiving a ginormous box of our Giant Pop Rocks Strawberry Fun Pack in the mail and prepare to embark on countless (actually 15) candy induced adventures!

They're fun for the whole family!  But you definitely do not want to carefully place a large piece between your front teeth and have it explode in the direction of your sibling unless of course you want to get grounded and have it be well worth it.  We're also not too sure about that whole, "don't eat with soda" legend, but you're an adult now... and from what we hear, Mikey likes it and is still in once piece.

So whether you want to get creative by adding this as garnish to homemade desserts, plop the whole packet in your mouth and terrorize your boyfriend or be daring and present one as a gift... the choice is up to you!  Since no teeth are needed, you can let great grandma and grandpa in on the fun!

Giant fun size box contains 15 (3g) individual packets to ensure optimal freshness.