Gifts for Men

Need a find a gift for him?  This is going to be easy!  See our hand selected collection of our best selling gifts for men.  Nerd?  Beer drinker? Star Wars obsessed?  Thinks farts are funny? Yep, we have the perfect gifts for him!

Bacon Scented Candle


Oh, hello bacon!   Welcome to my living room and my bedroom and my bathroom and my hallway!   I'm so glad you could escape the confinement of the kitchen and delight the rest of my house with your savory, gratifying smell!     Our...

Green Glux Luminous Glowing Super Putty


Super Sized Extraterrestrial Sneeze With our Green Glux Luminous Glowing Super Putty, our future's so bright, we gotta wear shades!  Seriously, this stuff glows like nothing we have ever seen. It just sucks up the sunlight and brilliantly radiates...

My Sweatpants Think You're Pathetic Gum


Whatever, Karen. Our snarky My Sweatpants Think You're Pathetic Gum is the perfectly absurd rebuttal for when you're too deep into your own (Netflix) marathon training and simply too chill to care.  If you're like us, you're exhausted from sight...

Water Logged Tree Stump Coasters


What wood you do if someone ruined your favorite piece of furniture in the thick of your party?  Wood you be fluming mad and tell them cedar later or would you just leaf it alone? No need to branch out and find new friends just yet because our...

Astronaut Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich


Out Of This World! Our Astronaut Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich takes the ice cream you know and love, and with the power of freeze-drying to create a yummy retro treat! Since the early NASA Mercury Missions, space food has gone global! Today, Astronaut...

F*ck This Sh*t Men's Socks


Not What I Want To Be Doing Right Now Socks We know, we know... why would a classy, well-dressed lumberjack such as this fella use that ugly, undignified word?  Because sometimes you just need a "Fuck," that's why. Our ruggedly handsome Fuck This...

Magic Poo


#1 Poopy Stocking Stuffer! If you're always looking for sh*t to play with our Magic Poo is the one for you! This crap is magic! Well, kinda sorta, anyway.  Use this frighteningly realistic poo to play pranks, relieve stress, and entertain your...

You're Doing F*cking Great! Woven Dish Towel


Inspire confidence and encourage laughter with our You're Doing Fucking Great! Woven Dish Towel! Don't settle for a basic dish rag. Dish towels are like the socks of the kitchen! So, go on and add some kick ass personality to your favorite room in the...

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