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Ginormous Ape Yard Sprinkler



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Gorillas in the mist

With our Ginormous Ape Yard Sprinkler you'll be the chimp-ion of the next neighborhood BBQ or get-together! We're not monkeying around! Okay, actually yes, yes we are. Gibbon the chance, you would too.

  • Measures over 7 feet tall!
  • Spits a refreshing shower water from its mouth
  • Comes with anchor set so he won't get lost in the the concrete jungle
  • Grab your standard garden hose and connect

But how do you inflate this thing since it doesn't come with an air pump?

  • Features a wide-mouth air valve for quick inflation
  • Use a standard motorized air pump (not included)
  • Hairdryer with cool setting

Made of durable PVC. Our purple Ginormous Ape Yard Sprinkler measures over 6 feet tall is just about the greatest gift ever!

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