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Glitter Bombs + Everything with Glitter!

Glitter Bombs are the best way to show someone you love them or hate them!  Nothing better (or worse) than being covered with glitter that you will continue to find around your house for years!  Here is a collection of our items that sparkle with glitter!

I Am Secretly A Mermaid Glitter Mug


With our totally off the hook I Am Secretly A Mermaid Glitter Mug, the tides will quickly turn and soon mornings + meetings will have noth-fin on you! ! It's a fun gift for just the halibut, or if there's a reason for an actual shellabration! Combining...

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Floating Glitter Photo Frame
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Floating Glitter Photo Frame

$8.49 $7.99

*Poof* Preserve your favorite magical moments in one of our Floating Glitter Photo Frames! No matter how big or small, they will unleash a flood of memories and glitter, as they wash over your favorite photo, making remembering those happy moments all...

Donut Worry Be Happy Glitter Mug


Our warm and punny Donut Worry Be Happy Glitter Mug will brighten up your mornings with its shimmering optimism! Because everything is better with sprinkles, glitter, donuts, and coffee (!) this colorful pastel mug has some friendly reminders plastered...

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Let Us Glitter Bomb Your Friends


Yep!  Perpetual Kid will Glitter Bomb your friends for you!   Okay... with all the bad press glitter has been getting lately, we had to step in and defend, hands down, the best craft supply ever known to mankind.   Some people say...

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Pumped Up Ruby Red Glitter Phone Stand


There's no place like home button with our Pumped Up Ruby Red Glitter Phone Stand! Step up your phone accessory game by propping it up this shimmering pair of ruby red pumps! You won't even need to drop a house on its owner to acquire these dreamy...

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