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You Can Touch My Bubble

We're all familiar with traditional bubbles. You know how it goes, you stick the wand in, blow, bubble forms, floats around for a bit and then falls to the floor and pops! How completely boring is that?

We thought so too... that's why we are introducing our Touchabubbles! Touchabubbles start off the same way, but the difference is that when they touch the air they harden making them stronger, more durable and ten times more fun! For best results and touchability, let your glittery bubbles "harden up" for a few seconds after you blow them.     Catch them, stack them, throw them or watch them roll along the floor... FASCINATING!

Bottle colors vary.   If you order a few we'll mix up colors for you! Bubbles are non-toxic.   1 tube/8 ml.  

Please note, to allow the bubbles to have a harder consistency, bubbles blown are smaller than normal bubbles.   As with all bubbles, outdoor use is recommended.

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