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Global Wishes Dandelion Necklace



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Best wishes!

Dandelions are proof that perception is the key to happiness.  Where some may see a lawn full of weeds, the lucky ones see a field full of wishes!

While counting your blessings and being grateful is wonderful, being given the opportunity to make a wish is something you'd never pass up!

Our lovely and unique Global Wishes Dandelion Necklace holds a countless number of free floating wishes close to your heart!  It's also a beautiful reminder to be the change you wish to see in the world.

A thoughtful gift, it's a clever way to let someone know that you're sending them all of your best wishes.

Zinc Alloy, Glass.   Wish tag may vary in shape. Necklace chain measures approximately 18 inches long.  Round botanical bottle pendant holds several dandelion seeds and measures approximately in 1 inch tall x .75 inch diameter.

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