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Gnomes, Plants + Yard Flair

Our hilarious collection of Gnome and yard decorations is make your house the rock star of the block!  Live in a neighborhood with a super stuffy home owners associations? Ah yeah... are we on the same page?  

Or maybe you're looking for a way to let someone know they're really starting to grow on you?  Find something from our fun and unusual plants and gardening collection! We give this selection two enthusiastic green thumbs up!

Bag O' Dirt


Can you dig it? We can dig it! Can you all dig it? We can dig it! Whoomp, here it is! Our endlessly fun Bag O Dirt is going old skool (and preschool!) Because the truth is, the thrill of playing in the dirt never get's old - we just call it gardening...

Wee Little Garden Gnome Kit


Make gnome mistake - he's a merrymaker! Our Wee Little Garden Gnome Kit brings a tiny bit o'luck and a charming daisy-toting tiny companion - your very own gnome buddy, complete with an interactive environment–to your home or garden! This...

Space Invader Air Planter


It's an Unidentified Flowering Object! Our unbelievably fun Space Invader Air Planter is invading your home and adding a cosmic boost to your mood! This lightweight-yet- sturdy borosilicate glass vessel is the ideal place to put an air plant,...