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Go Away I'm Introverting Gum


Make that a nope for me.

Our straight-to-the-point Go Away I'm Introverting Gum is just what you need on you in case of a social annoyance crisis. Don't even bother making eye contact or parting your lips. Just be friendly by offering them a piece of gum, while asking them to get away from you. It's like a compliment sandwich of sorts, but you know, it's gum!

Packaged in a pink and orange illustrated box, that will easily fit in your pocket.  A fun gag gift for your favorite introvert of Chatty Cathy!

Each box includes eight fruit-flavored, candy-coated, gum. This miniature pack measures 2.75 inches long x 1.25 inches tall. As an added bonus, our Go Away I'm Introverting Gum will help keep their mouth shut.

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