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Goat Yoga Stacking Game


Nama-stack! Nama-stay!

Our Goat Yoga Stacking Game is a fun-yet- challenging stacking game — but relax, it’s not a stretch to win!

Your goal is to stack and balance the baby goats on the zenned out yogi in her perfect lotus pose while keeping everything completely zen.

Looking for a gift for your baby goat obsessed pal? Loved the experience of practicing yoga with baby goats or dying to try it for yourself? This fun balancing puzzle is not such a baaaad gift idea, in fact it's pretty barn awesome!

Set is made of solid wood and includes 9 baby goats, a lotus pose base, and a muslin storage bag. Packed in a colorful, giftable display box. Our Goat Yoga Stacking Game is designed by Fred Studio.

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