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Greetings Earthlings Oven Mitt

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Greetings Earthling!  I have come from outer space to protect your hand from that painfully hot pan in your oven.  Use the advanced extraterrestrial, neoprene hand on our Greetings Earthling Oven Mitt to transmit hot pans safely to your counter.  Now... Take me to your leader!!  The other potholders in your kitchen are galaxies away from this great sci-fi hand that has landed on Earth.  

Alien experts agree that this thin and lightweight potholder will serve you well.  Exclusively used on Ambari Sector 7 and the Havarsc galaxy.

Measures 13 inches long x 8 inches wide.  Outer front: 100% Nylon.  Outer back: 100% Neoprene.