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Gremlins Gizmo Cord Scaler


Pssst. Can we interest you in a pet Mogwai?

Our adorable mini Gremlins Gizmo Cord Scaler is ready to accompany you on a multitude of adventures.. or misadventures!  This tiny fella has a tight grip that will allow you to bring your new sentient companion with you wherever you go! 

  • Mini Gizmo, from Gremlins fame, measures 2 inches tall
  • Hangs on tight  to headphone cords, charging cables, and the like!
  • A fun gift for rule followers, rule breakers, and lovers of classic 80’s movies

Created with amazing detail, it's best that you follow the cardinal rules of Mogwai ownership, lest you follow the disastrous fate of Gremlin folklore. (At least the part about not getting wet!) Also, if like us, you struggle with the temptation of feasting on midnight snacks, this little fellow makes a terrific diet buddy!

Includes one Gizmo NECA Wave 1 Scalers. Measures approximately 2 inches long. Plenty of room for more than one on your electrical cord!  Our Gremlins Gizmo Cord Scaler is a dangerously fun mini movie prop.

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