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In the past, to grow a geek required obtaining a baby and a lot of time.  Then came the whole raising said baby with a steady appetite of Einstein, Star Wars/Trek, Douglas Adams and other geek jargon.  With our new sci-tech geek process 42, you can Grow-A-Geek in ten days or less and it surprisingly isnt difficult to use!  Just never divide by zero and everything should be fine.

All you need is our Grow-A-Geek, a large container and some room temperature water.  Thats it!  You are now on your way to having your own cute alpha-geek posse!  Adding this little guy to water begins the enlargement process, in which hell grow to 600% his original size!  We didnt just 404, thats six-hundred times bigger! 

If your newly grown geek begins to out nerd you, just remove your copolymer-based friend from the water and let him dry out.  He will then begin to shrink back down to his original size and you can start the whole process over again!  In any event, you efficiently crammed eighteen years into about a week and a half.  Take that, science.

Safe and Non-Toxic.  Contains Vinyl Acetate Copolymer, Acrylic-based Water Absorbent Resin and Pigments.

Dehydrated Geek measures 1.75 inches tall by 0.5 inches wide.