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Gummy Candy Burger

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A whopper of a Gummy!

Made of 22 delicious candies, The Original Gummy Candy Burger is a concept that is well-done! Complete with see-thru cardboard burger box, it's the king of all gummies!

  • 6 sweet candy top bun slices
  • 6 candy cheese n sauce gummy bears
  • 5 burger candy bites
  • 4 lettuce candies
  • 1 surprise candy topping (hoping it's pickles!)
  • Complete with realistic hamburger packaging
  • The bottom "bun" is a clever tray to hold it all together!

Sure to be a favorite at your next party or as a snack to share with loved ones. Made from Raindrops delicious tasking candies, this is a one-of-a-kind burger.

Made with 6 Sweet Candy Gummy Buns, 6 Candy "Cheez `N Sauce" Gummy Bears, 5 Candy Gummy Bites, 4 Candy Salad Gummy Pieces and 1 of 3 Different Candy Toppings. Complete with hamburger packaging.

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