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Gummy Snake

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We want to talk to you real quick about our Gummy Snakes and wed like to start with how realistic they look and feel.  So you can see each and every scale on the almost 2.5 foot Gummy Snake and when you pick it up its got that fresh slippery gummy feel to it.  The weight of the Gummy Snake weighs in just over 1.5 lbs so it really gives you that real feel of a snake.

But seriously, lets get down to business.  You want to know how it tastes!  They taste awesome!  Were not fooling anyone here, theres no nutritional benefits to this Gummy Snake, its pretty much sugar, gelatin and a whopping 2,280 calories but those are the things that make the Gummy Snake taste so yummy!  Three fresh flavors to choose from;
  • Green Apple with Orange
  • Red Cherry with Blue Raspberry
  • Blue Raspberry with Green Apple
Perfect for your outdoors friends or people with ophidiophobia.  

Measures 29 inches long x 1.75 inches wide x 1 inch tall.  1.65 pounds.  Hand-made in USA.  One year shelf life.