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Halloween is the best holiday of the year! So why just keep all of the scary cool stuff to just one day when you can rock it year round! Show off your creepy and/or creative side everyday! From skulls, skeletons, spiders, to dress-up time with tattoos, unicorn horns, cat eye glasses and more! Carry the spirit of Halloween with you forever and ever... muahahhaha!

LED Light Up Bobo Balloon


As seen on Rachel Ray with Katie Linendoll!  Be the light and the life of the party with Bobo Balloons!  The reflection of the lights against the shiny PVC balloon give the illusion of hundreds of lights! Each Balloon can reach 15 inches...

Rainbow Puke Lollipop


Time to throw on your galoshes! Our Rainbow Puke Lollipop is so fantastic it has the entire Perpetual Kid staff literally puking rainbows! This lovable abomination of nature looks like a rainbow threw up all over our unsuspecting lollipop, and...

Head In The Stars Hair Pins


Is your head in the stars? It's time to get the party star-ted with our Head in the Stars Hair Pins! Whether you're preparing for a night out on the town or an evening under the stars, with a simple twist these spiral hair pins will be a stellar...

Mermazing Mermaid Spray-In Hair Duo with Glitter


I Washed Up Like This With our simply mer'mazing Mermaid Spray-In Hair Duo with Glitter, you can forget about the expensive trip to the salon and lasting commitment! Instead, you can now transform your hair into dazzling mermaid locks at the spritz of a...

Through The Ear Terror-Antula Spider Earring


Scary Halloween prank! "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!" - Walter Scott Our shockingly realistic Terror-antula Spider Earring is sure to fool the wisest of souls! Guaranteed to strike a chord with Halloween lovers...

Don't Hiss Me Off Snake Ring


Creepy danger noodle! Our freakishly charming Don't Hiss Me Off Snake Ring is simply the bessst. Because who doesn't want to wear a danger noodle on their hand? While you may seem mild-mannered at first glance, you're letting bystanders know...

I See Right Through You X-Ray Socks


Bone Chilling Socks! Take a walk on the spooky side with our X-tra awesome I See Right Through You X-Ray Socks!   They are about as transparent as you can get, no bones about it!  A wonderful dual meaning gift for your best frenemy...

Tin Foil Hat


As any "woke" person knows, a Tin Foil Hat is a necessity of modern life.  However, one of the most irritating parts of being under constant, long-distance electronic thought observations is having to make a new tin foil hat every day! Fear not!...

Wise Owl Pendant Necklace


Just hoo! Hoo! Who? Who do you think you are lighting up the room with your wise personality? Discover a piece of jewelry fit to match your infectious aura of awesomeness! I'm talon you, this bright-eyed woodland creature will surely bring an element...

Blood Sucker Lollipop


It's Bloody Good Candy! We're O (so) positive that you'll be totally grossed out yet equally intrigued by our sickening sweet Blood Sucker Lollipop, that we're willing to bet the blood bank on it! With their "Unusual Tastes" Harry Potter fans will...

Evidence Tote


WARNING: Do not tamper with the contents of our zippered Evidence Tote! This is not a toy in any circumstance unless you're playing beat up the person stealing the evidence. There's even a seal that says OFFICIAL PROPERTY DO NOT OPEN. So were pretty...

Chow Time Black Cat Handy Tote


Just us, or does the expression on our Chow Time Black Cat Handy Tote seem to be this kitty cat's response to who wants kittttty fooooood? Here kitty kitty! While we purffur a block of cheese, some dark chocolate, a fresh baguette, and some catbernet -...

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