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Happily Ever After Mood Ring



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Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is loveliest mood ring of them all?  Our shimmering Happily Ever After Mood Ring or course!

Fit for a princess, it will look lovely on your hand, and unlike your ex, will enjoy your wild range of emotions!

Show off your many moods (and give others a fair warning!) with a heat reactive rainbow display of 12 different colors including black, brown, yellow,green, light blue, navy blue, purple, fuchsia, and more!

Sit around and wait for Prince Charming? Nope. Don't think so! Create your own happy ending by finding happiness within yourself, and a smidgen of retail therapy never hurt anybody!

Gold Tone Zinc Alloy. Rhinestones. Bezel setting. Unisex ring size is approximately a US 8.

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