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Happy Birthday Balloon Set

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We don't want to string you along... so we'll just say it.  Our Happy Birthday Balloon Kit is the perfect career/friendship saving tool for any office drawer or ridiculously over-sized Mary-Poppins-like purse!

Imagine... yearly reviews are this week, you're tied to your desk for the rest of the day, and you just realized that it's your bosses birthday!  Or you stopped by your parents house to do some laundry and notice the wide array of birthday cards & flowers colorfully littering the coffee table. 

Under normal circumstances you'd be seriously hosed.  But now, just quickly sneak away, or hide under your desk, and blow up each of the H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y balloons, hang them... and tada!  Day saved!

This set includes 13 printed balloons, a spare blank balloon, 13 balloon hanging tags, 11.5 foot long cord and a balloon pump!*

*Save your lungs for cheerfully singing Happy Birthday out of tune.


Gift Ideas

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