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Happy Camper Pencil Holder

$12.99 $8.49

Kitschy camper for your crayons! 

Simply assemble and you're ready to park our retro-styled Happy Camper Pencil Holder on your desk.  Toss in your pens and pencils, kick back and relax! Then you can start planning your next grand adventure (or great escape!)

While you're busy exploring the not-so-great indoors - navigating the harsh terrain of the corporate world or the quicksand like trap of interoffice drama -  let your pens and pencils happily camp out on your desk! This swank desk caddy fits together like a puzzle, and keeps your supplies ready for adventures. 

  • Designed to look like a vintage turquoise camper - all you're missing are the pink flamingo lawn ornaments! A fun + unique gift for your favorite happy camper!

Arrives flat packed, with simple instructions for quick and easy assembly.  Made of durable MDF (Medium-density fiberboard).  Measures approximately 4.5 inches long when assembled. 

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