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Happy Cat Catnip Plant and more Interesting Gifts at Perpetual Kid. The last thing you really need is a ticked off cat!

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The last thing you really need is a ticked off cat!   Before you know it they'll have batted everything off your tables onto the floor and shredded your last roll of toilet paper.

Thankfully, catnip is legal in all 50 states!   It's in your best interest to keep your silly kitty doped up and happy with our Happy Cat Catnip Plant!   Catnip is also said to attract good luck!

Watch your cats roll over, purr, and leap with excitement! Catnip plants sprout quickly and are easy to grow for great fun for you and your cat! Fresh catnip causes a stronger reaction among cats.  

Expert Tips:   If you crush the foliage of this herb, it releases oil that attracts cats. In fact, cats will rub up against the foliage themselves to bruise it and release the scent. Fresh catnip leaves are used in tea, which is said to relieve head colds, and can also be added to salads, stews, and sauces.  

Measures approximately 3.9 inches wide x 2 deep x 5.2 inches tall.   Each kit includes: micro terrarium, Catnip plant seeds (Nepeta cataria), premium sprouting mixture, growing instructions and information sheet.

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Fun and inexpensive gift idea!

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