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I'm Having An Affair With The Food Delivery Guy Dish Towel


It's so hot. (paris hilton voice)

Celebrating singlehood with food and our second favorite coping mechanism (turned artform) our Food Delivery Guy Affair Printed Dish Towel is sarcasm at it's finest.

  • "I'm having an affair with the food delivery guy. In which he brings me food and I eat it. It's so hot."
  • Design features a familiar setting of take out containers on a coffee table in from of the TV
  • It's about as hot as a bowl of leftover lo mein straight from the fridge.
  • A fun gift for all the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies

Made from super absorbent 100% unbleached cotton. A cheeky Valentine's Day gift, our Food Delivery Guy Affair Printed Towel measures approximately 28 inches tall x 21 inches wide.

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