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Clouds Light Cover

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Trying to improve your mood and get creative is really hard when you're sitting under fluorescent lights in a small, boring cubicle. Lighten things up around you with our Head In The Clouds Light Cover. The fluffy white clouds will inspire you and give you the happiness you need to get your work done!

Conquer your colorless corporate setting, increase the creativity in your classroom, add some color to make your doctor's office seem more friendly and make any room in your home more soothing and welcoming just by adding a Light Cover!

Installation is super easy! Simply open up your standard office fluorescent light, place your new 8 mil. back-lit film on top of the hard cover diffuser, lock the frame back up and your environment will be 300% more amazing!

Measure 4 feet long x 2 feet wide. (actual size 46.5 x 22.374)
Can be cut to fit other sized lights. 8 mil. back-lit film.

Cloud designs vary.