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Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Glux Putty

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You'll enjoy watching our temperamental Thermochromic Glux Putty morph between a spectrum of warm orange to bright yellow depending on it's fluctuating temperature!

That's right! This moody putty deceptively appears to consist entirely of a solid orange color; that is until you touch or rub it. The human body gives off a lot of heat, and when you touch this putty it reacts to your body's heat by changing from orange to yellow. You can create two-color designs, draw pictures on your Glux, or just turn the whole thing yellow, all with one hand!

Use this mysterious putty to work out your stress, unlock your creative powers or to ponder this and other worlds! It stretches like rubber, bounces like a ball, tears like paper, and can shatter like ceramic. Because it is silicone based, it will never dry out or crumble. Bounce it, stretch it, NEED IT! (and transfer images from the comics section of the newspaper with it!

Made in the USA! Will never dry out! Package measures approximately 6 inches tall x 4 inches wide x 1 inch deep. Silicone based. Non-toxic. Terrific stocking stuffer!