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Hellraiser Soap

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Our refreshingly innocent Hellraiser Soap is for troublemakers of all shapes and sizes. For never before hath Hell been raised quite like this... Frankly, Pinhead is no match for you getting wild on your rope swing in your best Sunday dress.

Raising all sorts of hell sure can leave you a sweaty smelly mess. Now you can enjoy washing your anarchist filth down the drain with this luxury soap, so you can have fun stinking it up all over again! A terrific gift for any and all hellraisers!

Scented with jasmine and lemon peel.  Made in the USA with 100% vegetable base and essential oils. Each bar is French milled for a smoother, longer lasting bar. Measures approximately 2 inches tall x 3 inches wide x 0.75 inch deep. 

Feeling crafty or unnaturally peaceful after a refreshing bath? Attempt to reuse our Hellraiser Soap wrapper to create an origami swan!


Gift Ideas

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