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Holga Snow Whim Wham

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What do you get when you take three instances of pop-culture phenomena and throw them into a blender of silliness?  A Whim Wham!  Each of these lovable characters are an agglomeration of gut wrenching adorableness represented in a super awesome plush toy!
Introducing... the absurdly photogenic Holga Snow Whim Wham!  A trend mash-up of yeti + nerd + camera!

As with many great men and women, our lovable hero had a challenging childhood.  In second grade, he had more hair than most men do after hitting puberty and was forced to wear coke bottle thick glasses.  Unfortunately, this caused our 4 eyed fluffy friend to have a hard time fitting in with the cool kids at school.

Luckily, while his parents were stationed in Hong Kong, he became best buds with TM Lee who just happened to invent an affordable low-fi camera.  He asked his yeti friend to try out and the rest is history.

Instantly enamored with the life changing device that magically captured what his world view looked like (without his glasses on) his passion for photography grew to exponential proportions.

He became an avid and now famous photographer.  Securing more Instagram followers than all of the Kardashian clan combined which many credit our pal here for nerdiness becoming a desired trait and the hipster crowd sporting the same spectacles that he was teased for wearing in 2nd grade.

Get in touch with your individuality and let your inner dork shine!  You're sure to become fast friends with this fun loving yeti!

Measures approximately 8 inches tall x 9 inches wide.  100% cool.