Honest Acronyms Sticky Note Packet

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Honestly, tho...

The duality of our witty (and highly useful!) Honest Acronyms Sticky Notes make work so much more fun! And that they come packaged together in this cute little folio *squee* even better! That scores major points in the gift-giving and the organization freak department!

  • WTF   What's This For?
  • ASAP  As Slowly As Possible
  • OMG   Officially Mindless Garbage
  • FYI     Frequently Yawning Inside
  • BTW   Beginning To Worry
  • TMI    Too Many Idiots.  

Our Honest Acronyms Sticky Note Packet combines your love of stickies, list-making, and tidy packages—all in one slick little package. A fun office white elephant gift, or for your favorite co-worker that helps you make it through each and every day!

Includes 6 self-adhesive sticky note pads, 40 sheets in each. Folio measures approximately 8.25 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall. Proudly place our Honest Acronyms Sticky Notes next to your red stapler, and carry on!