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Hot Shots Heat Sensitive Toilet Targets

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Play the game, improve your aim!

Our man-cave perfect Hot Shots are self adhesive targets for the…um…toilet, allowing men to improve their aim when …um…having a pee! (There is no way to sugar-coat this!!)

It’s basically darts, but for your wee.  There, we said it.  The heat activates these heat sensitive Hot Shots so guys can score their aim.

Hot Shots are great for getting kids to steer into the pan rather than spray all over the floor, and when we say ‘kids’ we mean big kids too.  It's also perfect gift for the competitive sport obsessed guy, who needs a little practice with his aim.

Three different designs come in one handy pack. You can follow a race track, fill a pint, and play a pee style game of darts.

3 Self Adhesive Stickers.  Package measures approximately 2.5 inches deep x 2.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall.  Not a permanent fixture, will probably last a few flushes.