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Humunga Chomp Fetch Toy

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My Sparky... what big teeth you have!

It may be far fetched... but we think if they could your pup would be showing you their pearly whites all the time!   You know they're smiling at you with that happy tail wagging!   Alas, in doggy kingdom, showing your teeth is a sign of aggression, so it's frowned upon in dog circles (if they could frown.)

No if ands or sniffing butts about it, our Humunga Chomp Fetch Toy is absolutely hilarious!   We guarantee that you'll be howling with laughter as your doggy comes running back after catching the ball with a big sh*t eating grin on their face!

All materials are non-toxic.   Measures approximately 2.5 inches in diameters. This is NOT a CHEW toy.   Please never let your dog sit around and chew on this toy.   Teeth go all the way around the ball!