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I Have Never Knowingly Used Catnip Doormat

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We're not saying your cat is a liar... we're just saying that maybe the dog didn't claw up the curtains.  Likewise, our "I have never knowingly used catnip." Doormat may possibly be speaking Zoe's truth, under oath.  Think about it...

You never specifically told her what was in that fluffy ball she'd been batting around for hours.  Maybe she thought she just realllly liked scratching her nails on the scratching post, and that's what caused her to roll around on her back for 2 hours before she got distracted by that darn red dot!

It's the perfect gift for cat lovers, and the kitties of certain ex-presidents and pro-star athletes.   Again, just sayin'!

Made from 100% Olefin Indoor/Outdoor carpet with perfect bound stitched edges.  Easy to clean.

Measures 18 inches long x 27 inches wide.