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I Want A Burrito Dish Towel


Burrito heaven

I want a burrito to tuck me in gently into its warm beans and "Rest here my child be at peace now."  When it comes to dream burritos, guacamole is never extra. 

  • Do you have a breakfast burrito, followed by lunch at Taco Bell and then maybe a frozen burrito for dinner?  Well we have a perfect kitchen towel for you!

This amazing burrito design is screen-printed with water-based inks on unbleached cotton. So, it will stay vibrant through countless wash cycles!

Made from super-soft, absorbent 100% cotton. Each towel measures approximately 28 inches tall x 21 inches wide. 1% of the sales of Dish Towels will benefit hunger relief programs around the world. Our I Want A Burrito Dish Towel is a gift from the food gods!

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