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Ice Cream Cone Baby Canopy Pool Float


A cherry on top of a perfect summer day!

The fun Ice Cream Cone Lil Float lets kids beat the heat and have fun in sweet style! It looks like a tasty waffle cone ice cream scoop with all the sprinkles and a cherry on top. Ice cream in the pool? That’s putting the cherry on top of a perfect summer day.

The removable canopy is a great way to get some shade when the sun is pounding everyone in the pool. The float is dual-chambered for stability and has a secure and comfortable seat with let openings. Kids will appreciate the comfort and freedom to kick their legs with excitement while everyone cools off in the pool together.

  • Perfect size for your mini-me
  • Removable shade cover
  • Canopy provides 50+ UPF protection
  • Great for pool parties!
  • Easy to wipe down, inflate/deflate

Made of thick and durable vinyl makes it ready for daily use when the temperatures soar, not just one time use float. The canopy provides 50+ UPF protection and is easy to secure with velcro flaps. Ages 1-3, up to 40 lbs

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