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Douchebag Indelicate Doily Coasters

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You're hilarious.   That's one of your most endearing qualities!   However... sometimes your material is too good to be uttered out loud!  Now let our brutally outspoken and awesomely passive aggressive Doucehbag Indelicate Doily Coasters dole out advice to guests, while you're politely passing out drinks at your next get-together!
Our winningly wry coasters call attention to your sense of humor while also instilling good manners in your guests.  With bold dictums and dainty designs, they encourage party etiquette in the only language the thirsty masses are sure to understand drinking vulgarity!  
  • Be considerate, bitches.
  • Even skanks say thanks.
  • No one likes a hot mess.
  • Don't stain my table, douchebag.

Paper.  Includes 8 candid coasters for pitch-perfect etiquette - 2 each of 4 designs.  5 inches in diameter.



Gift Ideas

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