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Inflatable Boxing Gloves

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What's that smell?   Seriously?   Alan's microwaving his leftover fish in the office microwave again!?!?   Acts like this warrant a declaration of war!   Grab our Inflatable Boxing Gloves, blow them up and then work it out!   Don't forget to grab a referee or witness, so you can officially gloat later.  

Ding-Ding-Ding!   Show off your mad moves!   Do you float like a butterfly or sting like a bee?  

Not that violence is the answer, but these Inflatable Boxing Gloves help determine the outcome to everyday problems in a more gentle manner.  

  • Who takes out the trash?
  • Who washes the dishes?
  • Who cleans the litter box?
  • Who gets lunch for the whole department tomorrow?  

These babies are priceless (if you're winning a lot).

Measure 21 inches long.   Set of 4 inflatable boxing gloves.   Once size fits most.   Plastic.