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Instant Nap In A Bottle Breath Spray

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Our Instant Nap In A Bottle patented breath spray formula is so strong even your breath will be instantly refreshed!
Party all night!  Instantly sleep at school or work!  Get the rest you need while your eyes stay convincingly open.  Effects last less than a minute , but it's like you slept all night... guaranteed!* (*not really)

How you got so exhausted isn't any of our business.  But bringing you back to life is!  Just one quick spritz instantly tops you up.  In a wink you'll feel so rejuvenated, it's like you've just returned from a tropical vacation.  So, what are you waiting for, sleepyhead?  Get napping! Then go climb that mountain, run that marathon, finish that novel, ride that unicorn... or just go on a hot date.  Remember, friend, life is better when you're awake.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  At the first sign of blank staring or yawning, apply single dose of Instant Nap spray to back of throat.  Do not close your eyes!  Molecular ZZZ-toppers stimulate the accelerated production of adenosine and melatonin, sending you into a sudden narcoleptic state during which time you will appear completely awake.  One oral application is equivalent to 20 minutes deep sleep.

WARNING: Artificial sleep is not a replacement for real sleep.  Do not use if you are a teacher or an air traffic controller.  In certain countries, it may be illegal to Instant Nap during foreign movies, opera, ballet, and performance art.  Check local regulations before Instant Napping.  If you do not understand that this product is a gag gift, please seek a sleep doctor immediately!

0.25 fl oz.  Revitalizing mint flavored.  


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