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Outer-space Intergalactic Planetary Wristwatch
Intergalactic Planetary Wristwatch
Intergalactic Planetary Wristwatch

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Hey Ladies! You'll be stylin' and profilin' in our Intergalactic Planetary Wristwatch.This day dream worthy watch will keep you distracted while you wait for

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Hey Ladies and gents! You'll be stylin' and profilin' in our Intergalactic Planetary Wristwatch.

Finally a day dream worthy watch. While others will leave you disappointed that only 5 mins have gone by, while waiting for lunch, this beauty will take you light years away.

In a galaxy far far away, you're always on time for meeting, you perfectly time your arrival so you get rock star parking every time, and your hair an makeup are forever flawless. It's a stellar gift for the far out lady in your life.

For you science nerds this watch is powered piezoelectricity using crystals. In case you never actually thought about what quartz movement means, but just enjoyed the lack of tick-tocking that they afford...

Basically it goes something like this - inside of the watch a tiny battery sends electricity to the quartz crystal through an electronic circuit. The quartz crystal vibrates back and forth at a precise frequency, which is exactly 32768 times each second. When a piece of quartz vibrates, it generates an electrical voltage. From there it gets a little complicated, but long story short, crystals are awesome, and so is science. 

Includes one quartz watch with galaxy face. Black faux leather band measures approximately 1.8 cm wide x 24cm long. The dial measures approximately 4cm in diameter and is .7 cm thick. The face is made of glass. Not waterproof. Our Intergalactic Planetary Wristwatch is a cool gift for your fav!.

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Intergalactic Planetary Wristwatch
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