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Invisible Ink Pens

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Clearly... our Invisible Ink Pens are intended to be used by you and your BFF!  Enjoy detailing  your secret plans for the weekend, discuss who you think is cuter.. Bobby or Joey.. but while totally incognito!

Imagine all of the fun you can have writing messages in the middle of the day during French class that nobody else can read but your best pal!

The invisible ink contains special high brightness ultraviolet viewable compounds. The spy ink is completely invisible in normal light. The secret messages can only be revealed by the beam of the UV Blacklight. This beam consists of ultraviolet energy close to the visible spectrum of light which causes particles within the ink to fluoresce illuminating the message.

Set of 2.  Invisible ink is non toxic but permanent. Measures approximately 5.75 inches long  x .25 inches wide x .25 inches tall. Batteries included.  Not suitable for children under 3 years of age.