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Iphone 4 Cassette Case

Nostalgia will be in your hands and on your head with our retro Lenticular iPhone 4 Cassette Case!  Bring back the feeling that you had right after making those awesome mix-tapes!  They really were awesome and of course your music taste has always been better than everyone elses!  Im sure nobody else had Melt With You on their mix-tapes.  

With the world evolving past the mix-cd and into shared playlists, take the time to slow down and enjoy a piece of the past on your piece of the now and future!  The 3-D motion on the iPhone cover changes when you tilt the case cover and shows the A and B side!  Great for those who lived the cassette generations and those who didnt but enjoy the nostalgia!
This tough case snap-fits the iPhone 4 and has 3-D motion.  4.5 inches long x 2.25 inches wide.

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