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It's Only Frickin' Tuesday Candle


Wake me up on Thursday, I'm already four coffees into a yawn.

How is it only TUESDAY? Our serenity now It's Only Frickin' Tuesday Candle is a simple reminder that it seems like it's been a full year since the work week started. I swear I can feel each individual cell in my body slowly dying to the beat of that annoying wall clock. There's no way in hell I'm going to make it to Friday!

If Glen in the next cubicle doesn’t stop loudly smacking his gum and clicking his pen like some kind of deranged one-man band hoping for a record deal that will never happen, I’m going to write a scathing anonymous note about gum chewing and post it on the bulletin board with all my other scathing anonymous notes.

  • Gum-Smacking Co-Worker (Spearmint) Scented
  • Double wick burn time: 60 hours
  • Handmade candle
  • Perfect gift for co-workers

It's Only Frickin' Tuesday Candle is handmade, no two are identical. 17 oz. Burn time is approx 60 hours. Gum-Smacking Co-Worker (Spearmint) scented.

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