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Itty-Bitty Marquee


A gift that's totally lit!

Light up your life (and witty sarcastic remarks) with our thoughtful Itty-Bitty Marquee! A fun, cool, and creative way to leave messages for your roomies, loved ones, or co-workers!

This customizable kit includes:

  • A high-quality aluminum framed Mini marquee sign with unique light feature, including 4 changeable modes:
    • Steady
    • Twinkle
    • Slow Fade
    • Chasing
  • 100 PVC tiles featuring an assortment of letters, numbers, characters, and symbols

Whether you decide to use it at home or at work, this light up display will draw attention to your personalized messages and bring flashy fun into your day!

Measures approximately 3 x 2 x 3.8 inches. Our Itty-Bitty Marquee by Running Press is a fun white elephant gift idea!

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