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Looking for a way to attract like minded people?  Fly your freak flag high, with our fun jewelry and conversation pieces!  Checkout our unique collection of tie tacks, watches, bracelets and necklaces!  You'll find awesome and quirky gift ideas for you and your friends and family! 

I'd Be Lost Without You Bff Compass Necklace

$9.99 $3.99

Turns out not where you are, but who you're with that really matters, and our I'd Be Lost Without You BFF Necklace is a shining example of this wisdom! A perfect gift to give your BFF if you're not able to be with them as they set off on a new adventure!...

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Always Be Yourself Unicorn LOL Enamel Pin

$7.99 $3.99

Believe it or not our adorable Be A Unicorn LOL Enamel Pin is a actually a reminder to be yourself! ✨Always Be Yourself✨ ✨Unless You Can Be A Unicorn✨ ✨Then Be A Unicorn✨ Some people (such as ourselves) believe in unicorns - beautiful, wonderful,...

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Just Who Are You Calling Moody? Mood Ring

$19.99 $8.99

Our stylishly over-sized Just Who Are You Calling Moody? Mood Ring really packs a punch... of insight into your day. Show off your many moods (and give others a fair warning!) with a temperature reactive rainbow display of 12 different colors including...

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Shiny Happy BFF Rainbow Heart Necklace Set

$12.99 $5.99

For the bestie who brings color to your days and is always there when life gets messy our spectacularly rainbow colored Shiny Happy BFF Rainbow Heart Necklace is the bestest gift in all the land! Because while separately you're fantastic, together you're...

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Jumbo Flashing Christmas Lights Necklace


Put your holiday spirit on full display with our Jumbo Flashing Christmas Lights Necklace! We're bringing Christmas back in an awesomely nostalgic way! You'll be lit up like a Christmas, and spreading holiday cheer for all to wear while donning this...

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From Dusk to Dawn Retro Wristwatch

$14.99 $5.99

If you enjoy the wondrous hues of nature our From Dusk to Dawn Retro Wristwatch will be a bright shiny spot in your day, and on your wrist! Mimicking the colors of the sky at sunrise and sunset, this calm and uplifting watch will help you maintain your...

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We Go Together Like PB & Jelly LOL Enamel Pin

$7.99 $3.99

Our adorkable We Go Together Like PB & Jelly LOL Enamel Pin will put on display that you have a relationship that others may be totally jelly of! Of course, at times, things may get a bit bumpy, but the majority of the time things are just about as...

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Silver Arrow Bangle Bracelet

$5.99 $2.99

Forgive us, but we happen to think our Silver Arrow Bangle Bracelet is totally fashion-forward (get it? forward? it's an arrow!) And while it may only make you think of Stupid Cupid's arrow, it's also rich in symbolism which we also really love. So, not...

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I Need More Shoes Necklace

$9.99 $2.99

​Stilettos, Mary Janes, and ballet flats oh my!  Sure, sure, sure... You can't buy happiness, but you can buy shoes and that's kinda the same thing! Our quirky and fabulous I Need More Shoes Necklace shows off your love of shoes in a unique...

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Curled Up Kitty Cat Ring

$7.99 $2.99

Our brand mew Curled Up Kitty Cat Ring is an adorable reminder of the little purring ball of fur that has stolen your heart, and has you wrapped around their cute little paw paw... kinda like that ball of string they just swiped from of your knitting bag...

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Arcade Upcycled Scrabble Tile Necklace

$12.99 $6.99

Before there was online and console gaming... there was "waiting-an-eternity-in-line-for-your-turn" gaming.  Our Arcade Upcycled Scrabble Tile Necklace will bring back the days and nights of quarter-filled pockets, orange Shasta and your favorite...

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Genuine Lapis Lazuli Truth Crystal Bracelet

$9.99 $5.99

Need some figuring out the truth of matters? Our Genuine Lapis Lazuli Truth Crystal Bracelet is here to help! It's like Wonder Woman's lasso of truth for your wrist! The beautiful blue stone is known as the stone of wisdom and truth. Featuring various...

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We Go Together Like Tacos + Hot Sauce LOL Pin

$7.99 $3.99

Our extra saucy We Go Together Like Tacos + Hot Sauce LOL Pin will give em something to taco bout! Are you and your BAE hot stuff? While variety may be the spice of life, but so is our hot sauce, and we're not willing to give it up! And yes, that's an...

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Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana Necklace

$11.99 $4.99

Knock Knock! Who's there? It's our Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Banana Necklace! This glimmering symbol of the Golden Age of Comedy is also a terrific way to display your love of a rather embarrassingly shaped fruit and to let the world know you're one...

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Chakra Tree of Life Necklace

$14.99 $7.99

Our rainbow colored Chakra Tree of Life Necklace will help you stay rooted to the earth while reaching for the stars! Featuring stones that resonate with each of the 7 major chakras: Root Chakra - Red Goldstone Sacral Chakra - Orange Carnelian Solar...

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Bird Of Hope Tattoo Style Necklace

$8.99 $3.99

The swallow bird is abundant in symbolism - love, freedom, hope and loyalty to name a few and has been a favorite element in tattoo designs since Moby Dick was a guppy. Our classic Bird of Hope Tattoo Style Necklace is looking to guide you safely...

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Genuine Tiger's Eye Courage Crystal Bracelet

$9.99 $4.99

Looking for a boost in courage or willpower? Our Genuine Tiger's Eye Courage Bracelet will help you stay on course. Not only is our Genuine Tiger's Eye Bracelet ridiculously good looking, this stone has been said to help one...  See clearly...

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Vibe Squad Kawaii Cute Badges


Wowee! Our Vibe Squad Kawaii Cute Badges are literally dripping with rainbow awesomeness and more! So, milkshake what your mama gave ya, and up your pin game with this mix'n'match collection of fun and colorful pins! This eclectic mix of emojis,...

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Participation Award


In my day.... We lost and we liked it! It used to be that you either won or lost when you competed, but now everybody wins!  When everybody wins, don't we all lose? (Awwww SNAP! Look at that turn of phrase!) Our hilarious blue...

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