Looking for a way to attract like minded people?  Fly your freak flag high, with our fun jewelry and conversation pieces!  Checkout our unique collection of tie tacks, watches, bracelets and necklaces!  You'll find awesome and quirky gift ideas for you and your friends and family! 

Through The Ear Terror-Antula Spider Earring


Scary Halloween prank! "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive!" - Walter Scott Our shockingly realistic Terror-antula Spider Earring is sure to fool the wisest of souls! Guaranteed to strike a chord with Halloween lovers...

Don't Hiss Me Off Snake Ring


Creepy danger noodle! Our freakishly charming Don't Hiss Me Off Snake Ring is simply the bessst. Because who doesn't want to wear a danger noodle on their hand? While you may seem mild-mannered at first glance, you're letting bystanders know...

Wise Owl Pendant Necklace


Just hoo! Hoo! Who? Who do you think you are lighting up the room with your wise personality? Discover a piece of jewelry fit to match your infectious aura of awesomeness! I'm talon you, this bright-eyed woodland creature will surely bring an element...

Love Totally Rules Necklace


You certainly measure up! Our adorable Love Totally Rules Necklace is a fun gift for the crafty gal in your life!  Designed to look like a curled measuring tape in the shape of a heart, it's a super clever way to let her know that you love...

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